Superfruit follows me on Twitter and other things I never thought would happen.

Oh my gosh, oh my gosh, oh my gosh.
Guess what happened!!? (I say “guess” but the answer is in the title tongue )
It was the eve of December 27th. I was sitting in a café like bar thingy enjoying the complementary Wi-Fi and sipping iced coffee while scrolling through Tumblr and avoiding eye contact (as you do).

A quick little catch up and also Tyler Oakley liked my Tweet


*sheepishly peeks out from behind curtain of shame* 

How have y’all been doing?

It’s been way too long since my last post! And I was doing so well too!! One minute I’m blogging twice a week and then suddenly BAM life hits, responsibilities I never knew I had come flying out of nowhere and the peaceful solitude I had created for myself comes crashing down.

Questions beyond questions with the occasional answer sprinkled in between

Hello, good people! What have you been you to today?

As you may know today is Tuesday and Tuesdays equal checklists and bullet points and numbers and letters and ratings and top 5s and- well, in short, listing things! Since it’s been a slow week over here in my corner of the world I decided to do this fun little question answer survey thingy. 

Perks of being a single child

Just to clarify #1: No, I don’t mean my relationship statues although that would be accurate as well.

Jtc #2: My brother is still very much alive, he’s just staying with a friend to celebrate their first week of summer holiday.

Even though I don’t want to be a single (or is it only?) child forever (who’d play Mario Cart with me!?) I have noticed the occasional perk:

♣ having the ice cream tub all to myself

♣ getting to watch Sex and the City and Pretty Woman whenever I want

althooooough there is a slight downside: Tweet

♣ when mom’s off to work I can crank up the music as loud as I want and sing at the top of my voice (there has been the occasional complaint from the neighbors though…..